Posted by: | June 16, 2010

and so it begins…


paint in my hair, paint deep under my nails.  shards of glass burrowed into the carpet, dishes piled in the sink.  forgetting how to hold up my end of the conversation, how to ask beyond the essentials.  old windows leaning against the wall,  tripping over jars of colored glass.  circles and dots abound!  my seattle studio/studio has become a world of whimsy.  i’ve circled and dotted, dirty-dished and under-laundered myself into a land i’ve always dreamed of.   but, i never want to leave this place.  and that scares me a little.



  1. I have started to glue plastic colored shapes to my windows (and still groutin black) so they are not so darned heavy…..just sayin. Pretty cheap and not as cool (maybe)- but having some serious weight issues here…..

    • i want to see! start a blog, jilly! start a blog!

  2. i am so excited you have a blog 🙂

    • thanks, sister. me too. still trying to figure this biz out.

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