Posted by: | July 30, 2012

¡Muchas Gracias!

Many thanks to the people that braved the really beautiful weather and navigated their way to Booth 52 at Art & Soul this weekend.  Cherylyn and I probably had more fun than we were supposed to.

I met some great people, was visited by friends and family, had repeat customers (!) and was overjoyed by all the touching (of my pieces) that went on in our tent.  Thank you for visiting, for your interest and curiosity, for purchasing and for making the past few months of endless painting absolutely worth it!

As usual, I took a photograph as each bowl changed hands.  Permission was granted by each individual (or guardian).  As you will see, some people didn’t mind having their pictures taken, others were feeling a bit too sweaty – it was pretty hot.

Oh, I also had the good fortune of being placed directly across from the booth of Donna Marquardt, a stained glass artist who came down from Ripon, Wisconsin with her husband, a blacksmith.  Her work was right up my alley and I wandered away from my own booth (sorry, Cherylyn) several times to admire what she brought. Think: found glass of any kind – soldered together and placed perfectly in a frames that she found in dumpsters or second hand stores.  I believe I’m doing her a disservice here because I can’t adequately describe the amazingness of her work.  She doesn’t have a website, but here’s her email if my lame attempt at a description has piqued your interest:  We both loved what the other did and made a trade at the end of the show – I can’t stop looking at what I received from our barter.  The picture is below.

Again, thanks everybody.  It was a great couple of days!


See you soon!


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