Posted by: | August 25, 2014

Hey…you, Summer. Thanks for your time.

Hi there.  Thanks so much for checking in!

Summer vacation is coming to a close.  Ugh.  I feel so spoiled being on this school schedule, but dang!  Can I just have like two more weeks? I start kicking it into full gear this time every year, a desperate attempt to cross stuff of the lofty list I drew up on the first day of summer vacation.  But, it’s 1 in the afternoon here in Seattle and I’m taking a break from putting lines through words on paper and I’m toasting summer with an early in the day Bitburger beer.  Won’t get too many chances like this starting next week, I have to make most.  

So, thank you summer, for blessing me with time.  Time to reconnect with old (like haven’t seen in 20 years, old) friends, the time to nurture new relationships, and the time to laze about in coffee shops and have urban adventures with my bosom peeps. Thanks for the time to enjoy weekday 8am yoga classes that are almost totally empty (Hell. Yes.). The time to watch the series True Blood in its entirety (totally not ashamed). The time to focus my energies on quitting old, bad habits and beginning new, healthy ones (I high five myself).  The time to feel the hot, hot, humid heat of Illinois (um, loathe) and the time to feel the swell of a thunderstorm (only one, lame!).  The time to be with my family, time for cracking up and reminiscing and celebrating with my family.  Time to take an afternoon nap with Tues, my 18 year old cat every now and then.  Lastly, and certainly not the most important, but the reason why this blog exists I guess, the time to paint.  

Well, here you’ll find pictures (and links) of the tangible things my summer of time has provided.  Thanks again for indulging me by reading the laundry list above and looking at the biz below.  

This is how I work.  Always.

This is how I work. Always.

Tues.  Keeping it warm until I get back to work.

Tues. Keeping it warm until I get back to work.

New things!  If you’re interested, click the link under the image for the Etsy listing.  

This is an older one, price reduced…

Just finished this one but Michelle already scooped it up!  





Some recent happy customers.  Thanks guys!





Laura did it two times!

Laura did it two times!

Yay! Compliments of her husband, Andy.

Yay! Kristen! Compliments of her dandy husband, Andy.

I’m always working on things, when time provides.  Check back at your leisure. Thanks again for looking and have a good one. 

Soon things.

Soon things.





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